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Water Management

The VRL Group is committed to the responsible management of water usage subject to local water conditions, including improving water efficiency, reducing usage of town water supplies and increasing alternative water supply and recycling of water.

The pattern of water usage within the VRL Group's businesses varies, depending on whether it is a business attracting public customers and whether the business can control or influence its water accounts (e.g. in shopping centres). At businesses such as Theme Parks, the number of visitors is the single biggest variable affecting water usage. The Queensland Theme Parks have continued their focus on water efficiency through the initiatives associated with their Water Efficiency Management Plans ("WEMPS"). These initiatives have resulted in a very significant reduction over a number of years with significant savings being realised before the local water authorities introduced the mandatory WEMPS requirements in 2007.

The dam on theme park land behind Warner Bros. Movie World continued to demonstrate its water saving potential and the use of treated backwash water at Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast being recycled through toilet cisterns has resulted in substantial waste water reductions. With new developments, such as the future theme park sites in Asia, and the most recent park in Australia being Wet'n'Wild Sydney, VRL has taken the opportunity to incorporate best practice water efficiency technologies at the design stage.