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Waste & Recycling

VRL is committed to improving waste management according to the hierarchy of waste; Avoidance, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Disposal.

VRL continues to enhance its recycling capabilities at a number of sites with the Queensland Theme Parks all having Public Place Recycling initiatives in place. At Village Cinemas, 3D glasses continue to be recycled - cleaned and re-used. Roadshow Films has replaced 35mm film reels with the digital film transformation program and continues improving recycled content in DVD packaging.

At many VRL Group sites, E-waste (electronic waste such as old computers and office electrical equipment) is either repaired and re-commissioned or broken down via a recycling process with an independent contractor under a system that incorporates an ultimate zero to landfill policy. New waste disposal contractors across Village Cinemas and VRL will see more waste diverted from landfill to recycling.