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Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation

The Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation Inc. (SWRRFI) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to funding and promoting independent marine research projects. Through research and rescue activities, the Foundation aims to help build our knowledge and appreciation of the wondrous variety of life in our oceans.

SWRRFI has been a major benefactor of marine research in Australia since 1988.

The Foundation seeks to encourage and assist marine sciences and to date has supported over 180 research projects relating to aspects of the biology of marine vertebrates and considers applications from both the private and public sectors. This includes studies on the movement of sharks in Gold Coast waterways, the impact of temperature on turtle hatchings and the social networking skills of Port Jackson sharks. The full list of projects can be found here.

Sea World's pioneering work in marine animal rescues has resulted in outstanding success in saving many sick, injured and stranded animals in the wild.

A team of highly skilled staff are on call 24 hours each and every day with resources and specialised equipment to ensure rescue operations can be initiated quickly and efficiently. The costs of involving boats, helicopters and staff in long and difficult rescue operations can be enormous but these are entirely funded by Sea World.

Every time Sea World is involved in a rescue, an enormous contribution is made to public awareness and scientific knowledge. This program incorporates the rehabilitation of birds, turtles, sea snakes, dolphins and whales and helps Australian scientists with their research into marine life.

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