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Sustainability & Community

Village Roadshow Limited ("VRL") aims to ensure that it is operating its businesses within a responsible environmental and social framework whilst continuing to maximise long term shareholder value. Integrating these important factors into the management of business operations is increasingly recognised as a lever to ongoing success. The challenge, given the diversity of the individual businesses within the VRL portfolio, is to ensure that each business is responding appropriately to those environmental and social issues that are relevant to their operations and locations. Head office guides each business to develop policies, programs and procedures relevant to their businesses, whilst ensuring they are in keeping with the VRL Group's overall direction and policy on these matters.

VRL recognises that it has a level of responsibility to its stakeholders, which includes staff, customers, and shareholders, and where relevant, government and local communities, to disclose how it is addressing key environmental and social issues including:

- energy usage and carbon emissions 
- water usage 
- waste and recycling 
- charitable donations and community investment

Coverage extends to those businesses and facilities within the VRL Group over which operational control exists, and which are located in Australia. The activities and management of VRL's environmental and social issues has been progressively embedded in the operations of each business over the past few years.

VRL will continue to be guided by leading sustainability frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative and the London Benchmarking Group methodology, to ensure it is tracking and appropriately addressing the environmental, social and governance issues discerned to be most material to VRL and its stakeholders; and keeping abreast of developments in corporate reporting and regulation in this important area.


Environmental Sustainability

VRL's group-wide Environmental Sustainability Policy formaiises and defines its environmental commitment, and VRL's major Divisions each have a tailored version of this policy reflecting the issues that are most relevant to their particular business whilst remaining within the spirit of the overarching VRL Group policy.

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Energy Usage & Carbon Emissions

VRL is obligated to report to the Australian Federal Government under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act ("NGER"). This report includes all direct fuel and energy usage, electricity usage, and associated greenhouse gas emissions, in respect of all Australian facilities under the Group's 'Operational Control', as defined under NGER. The report is submitted to the Federal Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency each year in October.

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Water Management

The VRL Group is committed to the responsible management of water usage subject to local water conditions, including improving water efficiency, reducing usage of town water supplies and increasing alternative water supply and recycling of water.

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Waste & Recycling

VRL is committed to improving waste management according to the hierarchy of waste; Avoidance, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Disposal.

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Health & Safety

VRL is committed to the health and safety of its patrons and staff, which is reflected in the overarching VRL group OHS policy and the supporting systems and processes in place to achieve this.

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Community Engagement

The VRL Group has supported a large variety of national and local charities, community groups and causes over many years, engaging with the communities in which the VRL businesses operate.

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Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation

The Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to funding and promoting independent marine research projects. Through research and rescue activities, the Foundation aims to help build our knowledge and appreciation of the wondrous variety of life in our oceans.

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Divisional Activity

Each division implements key activities in response to those environmental and social issues that are relevant to their oeprations.

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