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Returns to Shareholders

Dividends and other Returns to Shareholders

For a list of all dividends and other payments to Village Roadshow Limited shareholders since listing on the ASX, click here.

Direct Crediting

As an alternative to receiving dividends by cheque, investors may also select the ease, convenience and security of Direct Crediting. With this option, payments are made directly into your nominated account saving time and adding additional security to the payment. Direct crediting is only an option if your account is held with an Australian deposit taking institution that participates in the direct credit system. This includes a variety of institutions including banks, building societies and credit unions.

Irrespective of how investors choose to receive their payments, a statement outlining dividends paid will continue to be sent.

To switch to Direct Crediting you will need to complete, sign and return an Authority and Request Form to the share registry. A copy of this form can be obtained from the share registry. Investors can contact the share registry through the Share Registry section.